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Clifford Guard

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From Swansea Boy to American GI: The Story of Cliff Guard

This DVD tells the amazing story of Cliff Guard, a former American GI who was initially born in Swansea to a life of seeming poverty; and yet engaged on a truly remarkable life journey that is both fascinating and enlightening.  Going against his Mother’s wishes, Cliff joined the Merchant Navy and, while on a trip to New York, decided to become a US citizen and joined the US Army as a GI. It was a decision that changed his life forever.

Following his enlistment, Cliff saw much service in the Second World War and fought at Omaha beach, the Felaise Gap and other intense battles.  He also helped liberate two Concentration Camps and was part of the forces that went on to occupy Germany after the war.

Returning to Swansea later in life, he has more recently gone on to meet the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.  He is also an active member of the British Legion and has attended numerous Remembrance Day parades.

Part 1: Formation of Swansea Boy’s Club; Merchant Navy; Becoming an American Soldier; Preparing for War.

Part 2: War and Omaha Beach; Felaise Gap; Seigfried Line and Archen; Liberation of Jewish Concentration Camps; Christmas and Battle of the Bulge; The Elbe; Helping the German People.

Part 3: Back to American and Civilian Life; Back to Swansea; Laying Wreath London Cenotaph; Newton Village Hall Dedication; Meeting the Queen; Laying Wreath Mumbles Cenotaph.

Total Running Time approx. 3 hours

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