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A Hundred Years of Gower Aviation

Part 1: The Early Years (1911 to 1951)

The first powered flight in South Wales took place at Oxwich Sands, Gower, on the 19th of January, 1911, when Ernest Sutton flew his Anzani powered Bleriot Mono plane to an altitude of twenty feet for a distance of 100 yards.  This flight heralded a new era in history for Swansea and Gower as powered flight was introduced to the region.


This not-for-profit video, written by local aviation enthusiast Roger Winser, documents the first 40 years of the history of aviation in Gower, covering:

The first powered flight in Gower; the introduction of flying displays to the region; the construction of what was then RAF Fairwood Common (now Swansea Airport) and its role during the Second World War; information concerning the numerous squadrons based at the aerodrome; interviews with former service personnel from a range of nationalities who served at the aerodrome during the conflict; and the post-war transition of RAF Fairwood Common to a civilian aerodrome.

Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes.

Roger Winser and Freeway-Productions would like to thank:

Nigel Arthur, ‘Swansea at War’; Steven H Jones ‘Fallen Flyers’; South Wales Evening Post; West Glamorgan Archives; Alun John Richards; John Kenwood; Idris Edwards; Les King; Eric Davies; Ieuan Layton-Matthews GAvA; Brian Johnstone; John Hayman and Eric Williams

For their invaluable contributions to this project.

We are currently in the process of researching the second part of what was always going to be a two-part production. This will cover the history of Swansea Airport from 1952 to the present.  We are looking for any video footage, photographs or general information people may have concerning Swansea Airport during these years and would be extremely grateful for any help we receive.

If you or someone you know has any such information to aid in our research, we’d be delighted to hear from you. 

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Thank You.