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kerry's children


This DVD tells the story of the courage and love Ellen Davis showed her family during the terrors they endured in Nazi Germany during the 1930s.

Ellen was born Karry Wertheim in 1929 in a small German village near Kassel. Her Jewish family had lived there since 1760.

Her life changed when Hitler and the Nazis came to power. In this video, Ellen tells how she struggled to protect her brothers and sisters (her children) from the Nazis.

Beaten by the Gestapo, forced from their home and attacked by the Hitler Youth, the children took refuge in an orphanage which itself was attacked on Kristallnacht.

Ellen was sent to Britain via the Kindertransport and so escaped the Nazis; but of course, was taken away from her family.

She was fostered by a childless couple in Swansea, but her new life was far from perfect.

Her house was bombed during the Blitz and she experienced difficulties in her first marriage. Eventually, with a son and daughter of her own, she found happiness in a new relationship.

After many years, she finally visited the cemetery in Riga, where her family were shot by the Nazis and buried.

Over the years, Ellen has spoken to many people about these events--especially young people.

She is determined that future generations are made aware of what happens when intolerance is given a free reign. This video was produced to ensure that this message continues to be heard.

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