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Our Documentaries

We have produced a number of best-selling documentary films that have proven extremely popular with customers.  These  can either be downloaded or purchased as ‘hard copies.’  If you wish, please take the opportunity to view our ‘video previews’ of these productions below.

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Running Time: 40 mins



A Souvenir of Gower

This extremely popular DVD is sold at numerous outlets in Swansea and Gower. It provides a guide to the magnificent Gower Peninsula, Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  With thousands of copies sold, this is our most popular independently produced DVD.                 

Purchase Cost: 9-99 (UK P&P: 1-00)

Download Cost: 9-99 (Click ‘Buy Now’)


Running Time: 40 mins



The Castles of Swansea and Gower

The castles of Swansea and Gower form an extremely important part of the history of this enchanting region.  From Oystermouth to Oxwich and Pennard to Penrice, this DVD provides a fascinating journey that documents the legends, myths and history surrounding these ancient monuments. 

Purchase Cost: 9-99 (UK P&P: 1-00)

Download Cost: 9-99 (Click ‘Buy Now’)


Running Time: 18 mins



The Haunts of Dylan Thomas

If you have visited the Haunts of Dylan Thomas in Swansea, Gower and Laugharne then this DVD will provide you with the perfect memento of your visit. Alternatively, if you are planning a trip to these historically significant locations, then this DVD will be the ideal guide for you...

Purchase Cost: 6-99 (UK P&P: 1-00)

Download Cost: 1-49 (Click ‘Buy Now’)


Running Time: 20 mins



The End of an Era: The Last Mail Train from Swansea

Edited from exclusive footage, this short film is dedicated to the last ever night of railway-based mail delivery in Swansea (25th July 2003).

If you’re a railway enthusiast, then this is your last opportunity to share in a most poignant event in Swansea’s railway history.

Purchase Cost: 4-99 (UK P&P: 1-00)

Download Cost: 1-00 (Click ‘Buy Now’)


Running Time: 35 mins



The French and Indian War in New York

The French and Indian war, or the ‘First World War’ as Winston Churchill proclaimed it, began in America and swiftly spread across the globe.

The then colony of New York was a pivotal region in this ‘Great War for Empire.’ This DVD documents and examines the major landmarks that played such a prominent role in this major conflict; an event that unquestionably changed the course of world history...

Purchase Cost: 9-99 (UK P&P: 1-00)

Download Cost: 10-00p (Click ‘Buy Now’)

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