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Sea Fever: Classic Climbs of Pembroke


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Fourteen stand alone films that capture the moods and magic of rock climbing on the Pembrokeshire sea cliffs, Britain’s favourite sea cliff climbing area.

Find out how White Heat toys with Ben Heason’s psyche, what Gary Gibson has to say  about “the establishment”, whether “Nipper” Harrison can hack it on Lucky Strike, and share in Pat Littlejohn’s reflections on ethics as he traverses Zodiac above a thundering sea. Get spooked with Jane as she gets set up big-time by Dave Viggers on Preposterous Tales, take a trip into mysterious Range West with activists Emma Alsford and  Paul Donnithorne, or spend a dark winter’s evening watching the  beautiful and cloudless Blue Sky with Hazel and Steve Findlay. And what did go on in “the Leap”, and did Dave Pickford manage to resist “falling towards England” near the Green Bridge?

There’s a lot more too, with other climbs featured including:

Red Wall, Diedre Sud, Bludgeon, Manzoku, Sinecure, Herod, The Beast from the Undergrowth, Hunter-Killer, Class of ‘86, and Always the Sun.

At a download cost of just 3-98, this production is a ‘must buy.’

Running Time approx: 3 1/2 hours